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And residents of the village worry there might be another conflagration soon.Certainly, the Israeli media is regularly full of speculation about another Gaza offensive, not least since the Israeli military often issues warnings to Hamas that it is “playing with fire,” whether because of rocket fire or someone being cheeky with a laser pointer.His contingency plan is a result of bitter experience.

Um al-Nasser’s residents had to shelter some 40 days in UN schools in the Jabaliya refugee camp, according to Abu Muammar.

A shepherd, like his forefathers, he too has prepared for the eventuality of war. I lost my livelihood in the last war and I’ll lose it again.” Fatima Abu Jarad, the young teenager who froze in fear during the 2014 onslaught, had no compunction about the choice facing her.

In Jabaliya, four kilometers away, Armalat has rented a large garage to house his livestock should it come to that. “I’d rather leave the place I was born and raised in.

“Israel is afraid of escalation in Gaza in light of popular anger against Trump’s decision.

That could easily spread to the West Bank and Jerusalem.” Nevertheless, he conceded that the context in Gaza is “unique.” Any misstep, by any party, Afifa said, could lead “towards a brutal fourth war.” Abdullah Armalat, 31, tends his extended family’s 70 camels and two cows.

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When the Israeli troops came in 2014, families spent eight hours holed up in their homes.

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