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Peggingdating com

I hadn't really thought too deeply about what I got out of it until I read some responses in my own thread about it, and now pondering the question posed here. If you are in a LTR...partner will know if the prostate has enlarged in time (compared to the first time you found it) and you may find a problem before itarises (uhm...intended!

While there is an element of power switching, the more I think about it, that stems from being the one dishing out the goods. )Now I'm not saying everyone should automatically engage in this....for those couples willing to explore - knowing this info could be beneficial not only to your sex your health!

Yes, I'm fully aware that anal play stimulates the prostate gland in the male, and the sensation can be pleasurable to some, but it does nothing for me, and I prefer not to go there. There are external ways of stimulating the prostate gland that don't involve penetration.

My one foray into anal play involved a man who enjoyed the feeling of an applicator of birth control cream shot up his rear, and wanted it done to him over and over again.

I did not enjoy the experience and it was my first visit with this doctor. Interesting the names people make up for discussing taboo subjects. Or you could probably buy them cheap by the gross (Did I pun? I think the challenge would be guaging the partner's pleasure if it's something you've never experienced yourself. Micki, Barefoot Kitten, Cookie in a way, Jojo and even Laha Math, in a strange way, have risen to the inquiry, or at least given their seeming best efforts to do so.Not trying to out anyone here, for any purpose, but experience is probably key to the credibility of any responses.thanks. Has nothing to do with "roles" as I don't use a strap-on.Massaging the prostate......whether with a finger or toy.....brings a man greater pleasure.Not sure how to make this clear- It is fantastic to be able to modulate pace and passion myself, respond to his responses. If you are suffering from as yet undiagnosed prostate cancer then cancerous cells could be broken up and distributed not only spreading cancer within the prostate gland but also causing it to metastasize and thus spread to other areas of the body.2.In a good sexual relationship both partners respond to how the other is reacting, and this kind of play lets me respond in a different way. Its a little early to be thinking about such things and the java hasn't fully kicked in No... I would have only been upset had he produced both hands at the time. If you are suffering from prostatic calculi (small stones within the prostate gland) these can act rather like scouring grit and tear the delicate membranes of the gland. While I have often wondered just what a woman feels during her orgasm, or whole streams of them (as the legends suggest, lol), and have asked for and sometimes gotten word pictures of the same, I've come to the realization that it is something I will never know in the way I can learn and know so many other banal things.

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The suggestion/feeler/subject breacher can be the equivalent of a nuclear power meltdown.

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  1. Other times, people in committed relationships use phone or cybersex to have sexual activity outside of their relationship that they don’t see as cheating. It’s up to each couple to decide what is OK and what’s not OK in their relationship.