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Hormone zone, different wardrobe, testosterone Blendr, Tinder, Findher, Grindr, romance the phone Better go home, better get stoned Set up in the mirror for a peek of the clone You’re a person alone with a personal loan ‘Tasha Lyonne gonna break your hip bone Just a line of scrimmage Not real but image A vintage gimmick That you just can't mimic [Chorus - Kim Gordon:] Look to the right Look to the right Let me get a close up Let me get a close up Get on your knees Roll on over Let me get a close up Let me get a close up You ready?[Kim Gordon & Peaches:] Look look Looking real close and you’re showing it around like you know me now Look look Pumpin’ up the lens seeing holes and bends you don’t own me now Look look Close to the skin but I never let you in I’m a sacred cow Look look Put away the gear Comma come on over here let me show you how [Kim Gordon:] Blink at me Blink at me good Blink at me, blink at me, blink at me Blink at me good [Chorus - Kim Gordon:] Look to the right Look to the right Let me get a close up Let me get a close up Get on your knees Roll on over Let me get a close up Let me get a close up You ready?Then there are the albums: her incendiary 2000 debut , a title which suggests Peaches has found politics. The title track's lyric "I'd rather f--- who I want than kill who I am told to" is as politically charged as it gets.I've always thought the Berlin-resident, Canadian-born former teacher (real name Merrill Nisker) is hilarious before anything else. whatever." Do people miss the sense of humour in her work?They put on wild, theatrical performances which include video, dance, and crazy costumes. Their first single, “Emerge,” blew up unexpectedly nearly a decade ago and they are now releasing their 3rd album, “Entertainment.” Peaches (nee Merrill Nisker) is an outspoken singer/songwriter whose songs are SUPER SEXUAL.I thought her songs were the most amazing things I had ever heard at the time."If I'm saying two boys for every girl, it's like Jan and Dean saying 'two girls for every boy'," she says."I don't really understand why it's normal and accepted when it's said in that context, just because it's something we're used to." Fair point.

"Well, I'll be happy when it's not provocative." Peaches may have a while to wait.

It was around that time that I discovered something that changed my life: electroclash.

Electroclash gained steam in 2001 (we already discussed this quite a bit in the Larry Tee post) and two of the first artists I got into were Fischerspooner and Peaches.

Both are primarily queer acts that were formed as a response to the lame state of electronic music at the time.

They are political; they are artistic; they are entertainment.

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"Some people find it, you know, revolutionary, and some people find it really backward." Nisker draws a clear dividing line between her very private self and the public, not to say pubic, Peaches persona.

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