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If caught in the early stages, the five-year survival rate is 80 per cent.If allowed to spread, that figure drops to 7 per cent at best.At present, we are low in the survival league, along with Denmark, which also has GPs as gatekeepers to services.Canada, which has substantially raised the price of tobacco and has a highly effective awareness programme, has the highest five-year survival figure of 20 per cent.Every morning as a child, I hid under the bedclothes to block out my mother’s morning cough.

“But there is no such thing as a smoker’s cough,” says Fox.The campaign could save thousands of lives, now that more treatment is available. Two years ago, I had a persistent dry cough, not the phlegmy hawk that I associated with smoking. Aged 55, I was too young and fit for lung cancer to cross my mind.Why would it strike a woman who had never smoked more than three cigarettes a day and had given up some years before? The surgery hours were inconvenient for a working mother, and I didn’t return even when my voice was becoming hoarse and I developed a sore right shoulder.“An X-ray only costs £10-£12, so there is no reason not to check.” A CT scan provides more detail if needed.That small investment could mean early surgery to remove the cancer, rather than more costly and unpleasant chemotherapy for a cancer that has spread, not to mention the incalculable grief involved in preventable death. Younger people are more likely to get treatment than the over-sixties, according to Fox, while those who live in London have an 18 per cent chance of getting surgery compared with 3 per cent in Herefordshire.

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