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Bill excelled at basketball and most everything else he took on.

The process of wiping away virtually all evidence of his former life was now complete.The couple, once crowned the most glamorous and visible team in corporate America, had become one of its most vilified. FROM THE BEGINNING William Mc Reynolds Agee was born Jan. Their father, Harold Jessie Agee, was a man of many careers and experiences - manufacturing executive, dairy farmer, state legislator, son of a Baptist minister.The Agees lived in Boise until 1953, when Harold and his wife Suzanne moved the family to a dairy farm near Meridian.Despite her deep Catholic faith, Mary divorced her first husband, then married Bill.In turn, he left his wife of nearly 23 years, then shunned his three children, sisters and parents.

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An important part of the answer lies in the personalities of Agee and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Cunningham Agee.