Over eager dating

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Just because I’m nice on the first date does not mean I’m in any way perfect. I’m a good person who will treat you well but I am in many ways far from wonderful so it would be great if I could find someone who was okay with my many imperfections and who took the time to learn those short comings before imagining their entire life with me. Gone are the days in which most people would find that special someone at a bar or through a friend.To put yourself at ease, it’s ok to focus on finding companionship, at least at first.As Relationship Coach Sam Owen says, you can ‘’endeavour to increase your friendship circle as a way of finding Mr or Mrs Right.And most of the time the world has taught us to hide such things from others so it takes a fair amount of time to trust someone enough and feel comfortable enough to let them see those hidden aspects of our personality or past. Women in particular like to say how communication is key and yet when you tell them something point blank they still somehow manage to miss the point. And then proceed to be pissed off when I don’t speak as much as they want me to.For instance, I have told several women in my life that I don’t talk much and I hate talking on phones. Seriously, how hard is it to understand that not every woman in the world feels the need to jabber incessantly?!Even in the space of a year, we often times still don’t truly know someone.We all have our secrets, our burdens and our demons.

I do not understand why women feel the need to fall in love with someone on the first date.

But what if there was a place where you could find others on your wavelength, who share your priorities?

What if the decision to try over 50 dating could be the start of something amazing?

For those who grew up with school books rather than i Pads and dinner dances instead of Facebook, the idea of entrusting the internet with one’s love life might sound silly.

Yet, to dismiss online dating out of hand is to dismiss one of the most popular places for older Canadian singles to meet.

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So, heading online is one of the best bets for those dating after 50.