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Ouran highschool host club dating game

In episode 11, there was a girl who couldn't get with her brother because the latter always crept in the dark (which she was afraid of).In the end, it was solved by her magically losing said fear for some reason...In the end, the show expects you to believe that Haruhi wasn't dressing in all the time that the guy and the other talked while she was away (before the guy went after her) and that the guy must have run at the speed of light or something...At any rate, I personally confessed to these complaints being pedantic, so please do not take them seriously.

I acknowledge this to be a pedantic complaint, but it is still something that bothered me.

In episode 8, the MC and main guy fell off a hill and onto the sea, but magically didn't bump their heads onto rocks and were completely unscathed.

Not only that, but the potential rapists that were victimizing some girls were defeated out of screen.

The storyline was spot on, all of their character's progression were great and touching and made so much sense to me...

the humor in the anime was perfect for me (especially when Honey-senpai was crying because people were saying Mori-kun was just "using" him and Mori-kun was just ouright petrified!

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I just finished watching all 26 episodes and I have to say, IT WAS AMAZING!

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