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Orgon orgon rock dating method

With no sales tax, your visit to Seaside is also the perfect opportunity to take a little of the coast home with you.A walk through downtown Seaside will tempt you with dozens of specialty shops, galleries and boutiques with a distinctly coastal flair.­Dating from the 1920s, the Prom is the perfect place for a­­ ­morning jog, a casual walk, a bicycle ride or just enjoying Seaside’s best people-watching.

A detailed history about Carousel’s location, along with historical photos can be viewed here.

Trace the footsteps of famed explorers Lewis and Clark with a visit to their reconstructed salt-making camp or visit a family favorite, the Seaside Aquarium, a classic coastal attraction here for over 70 years.

Both attractions are just steps away from the Prom.

For more detailed information on shopping in Seaside, visit our Shopping page.

Go birdwatching, photograph a herd of elk or watch migrating Gray Whales.

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