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On line live sxs

While the RZR is not as nimble as a quad we find it more comfortable to ride all day and don't get the sore shoulders I sometimes got with our quads. The atv is perfect for 1 person to ride and have fun. The atv can be ridden over rough and jagged terrain quite quickly since you can use your weight to minipulate the bike and get your center of gravity where you want it. Now I used to own a 2002 Honda 350 4x4 and it was fun but asking the wife to jump off so I can climb this hill, or jump off so I can pound through this mud hole, or jump off so I can try that jump out... High centering is a common thing while going over sharp pitched hills/mounds/rocks...

Side x sides and ATVs are different but both have their pluses and drawbacks but the side x sides with harnesses and role cages are definitly safer. but once you get used to it you know when you need a run on and when you don't so you can slide your belly across a surface just enough to grab that traction on the other side.

With the Sx S the level of nervousness about hurting her is alot less and I can ride harder and she enjoys it more.

With the 4 we can load up 2 or 3 kids and go out and play some, actually hits some whoops/hills with enough speed to make there stomachs jump lol, and not have to worry about slinging a kid off into a tree or something.

If you get a standard rzr you will need a lift kit, tires and within a few months the Makkin Trax springs(stock springs will sag) so you have decent ground clearance. Trying to get talked into selling my sweet XP850, but not sure it's the right move.

My wife has no interest in riding a 4wheeler so this seemed like a perfect match. I have a Raptor 700 and I'm thinking about selling it due to the fact that I never want to ride it anymore. I rode dirt bikes in the 70s & 80s then got too old and fat so switched to ATVs in 93.I broke stuff and marked it up pretty good as soon as I got it off the showroom floor. I'm sure we have all yelled to the passenger on an atv and said "Lean!!! I am from Nova Scotia so my trails are pretty much the same as what you would have in Maine. If I had an S I would be left behind the pack because of the tight trails.The biggest factor for making the change for me was my wife rolled her atv a couple times (thankfully she was ok). It's easier to haul my cooler, have tunes, have a radio I can talk with my friends that have radios and drink all while driving.I'm not an adrenaline junkie, but I like to feel it pull when asked. There are some tight trails here and some open trails with limited access to real 4x4 truck trails. The biggest downfall for me going from ATV to sidexside is that you cant manipulate a rzr like you can an atv.I need to hear why you like them and what's fun about them. Lots of slop and some deep mud locally, with nice open trials to the north....which means I'd have to travel more to ride. Its just a different world but its a fun one so go get yourself a rzr and have a new kind of fun...

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They are a blast and are especially fun when you have a passenger.

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