Ocd cant take dating rejection who is todd lasance dating

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OCD can take on many different forms, and I will send you some info in a private message that explains the different types of ocd, how it affects people, and treatments that are available, If he not is taking medication or seeking behavior treatment, then he probably really needs to be.

No, I do not think that he is crazy, people just tend to judge what they don't understand. Peace Robbie Dear OCDLover it sounds like your boyfriend is having a terrible time and so are you from it.

it's hard not to take it personally but it's like he's afraid to rub up against me.

after we have sex he immediately runs to the bathroom to clean up and after we make out or fool around he has to wash his hands.

FIrst off hun it has nothing to do with him thinking your dirty if anything it is him feeling dirty himself.

Like RObbie said it is not unusual for OCD people to have trouble with body fluids which really makes it hard on him to do anything spur of the moment.

i'm already really attached to him and care about him but am afraid how this will work out further down the road, esp. will it get worse or better as he becomes more comfortable with me? we've talked about these a bit but then he wants to change the subject.

he obsessively watches movies..same one hundreds of times...you tube. he will suddenly withdraw...we'll be having a great time and then out of nowhere (especially in the morning after he spends the night) he'll jump up out of bed like he's in a panic or something and say he has to go and it's like he can't get out of there fast enough.he would never want to do it more than once in one night or in the morning even if he did get an erection.one time i woke him up in the middle of the night to make love to him and he had an erection but didn't want to have sex.i like that he doesn't try to be someone he isn't but just need a bit more from him. i feel like i try to talk to him and he shuts me out but then he'll call me and tell me how much of a good time he has with me and how attracted he is to me and how much he likes me etc. I don't have chemistry with people like him hardly ever and I love that he is a good man and can make me laugh. Hi ocdlover, It's great to have you in the group, and I commend you on trying to find help for your boyfriend, or atleast understand him better. Most people that have ocd have to do things a certain way, and do it the same way every time. It is not uncommon for someone with ocd to wash their hands several hundred times a day, or shower repeatedly.Just like he likes to drive in one particuliar lane, or all of a sudden having to do something, and I mean having to do it right then. It is pretty common for people with ocd to have problems with body fluids, or certain body parts, germs, or even being touched. I don't believe he thinks you are dirty, I think it is just the way the ocd affects him, and of course I see where you could possibly think you are a part of the problem, but this is just the way ocd works.

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