Nlp dating simmer

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Nlp dating simmer

Being in the restaurant industry is definitely a long-term relationship. Then as time went on, you became comfortable and that excitement went from a boil to a simmer.

Just like any relationship, your restaurant goes through its ups and downs. Relationships can be rekindled by tapping back into those original emotions.

Remember that twenty percent of restaurant success is systems (and strategy). Yes, you are your biggest problem and you are also your biggest solution to all the problems your restaurant is experiencing. If you want the restaurant you know it can become, then you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

If it is not a resounding “Hell Yes”, then it is a no. Try creating value-driven appetizers at a lower price point. Perhaps during slow week days, you offer a three-course prix fixe menu.

You can create value while still maintaining your quality and standards.

Answer the following questions honestly: If you were honest, then some of the answers might not make you happy.

Once again, this is a good thing because self-awareness precedes choice and choice precedes change.

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Remember that special someone and the excitement you felt when you first started dating? Maybe you need to fall back in love with your restaurant and your career!