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Mvtb rucategorydating

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in ding channels between the changing shores of these islands of volcanic origin. If such a young fellow, again, has a little capital, be has an additional chance of success.

But in Africa it is entirely different, and with the exception of the French Colonies of Algeria and Senegal, the Spanish poste at Melilla and rangier, and the Turks at Tripoli, not a part of Africa could communicate with the outside world unless Britain willed it. Dairy produce and fruit are flowing into British markets from Australia, with the result that Australian dairy farms and orchards become Me-tiiy profitable forms of industry. And, of course, to a boy oa the watch out, the ffl-luck oamei Another time. That there is an intimate relation between & oondition of the weather in a given place and the mental state of its inhabitants has eeemed evi- Dexter, of Colorado, has, we gather from the ueisnre noor, recenuy investigasea this interesting question in a scientific manner, and has arrived at some remarkable results. Though this has caused a great deal of grumbling, especially in France, there can be httle doubt that the Government were well advised in so doing, for Boer sympathisers had used the tele-Sraph to apprise the Transvaal and Free State authorities of the British plans. s " strophe so poked along, low spirited and on the watch out. eproacnea nimseu to the danarsr of touching: a snake skin, and quoted as worthy of attention the negro's remark that "he druther see the - i Au t. new Qiuua y uia iciu uiuutucf s muuii tits a, thousand times than take np a snake skin in his t 1 79 j.? More than this, even when common suynsnsb Lziuux tus ncpt uum uieia ziitty will invent terrifying theories of their own, tbe t j r i i i i t - UUIQCU Ui. C, bll XCU They believe naturally in occultism, and imagine and persons and their own destiny. and -rmho Mers ctr soipernsttura L WEATHER AND CONDUCTS. Many people were considerably astonished by the announcement that the Government had suspended the transmission to South Africa of any telegram in cypher or code, either by private persons or foreign Governments. " Sir John Mowbray Z Dowager Lady Howard de Waldon"" Sir John Fowler (engineer) Earl of Whamelifie . India and China seem to have reason for their complaints, but when the charges to Australia were lowered a year or two ago they were not found to pay, so that the rates were raised again. These germs do no harm to the child whose body has been so far rendered immune by its illness, but they are highly dangerous to other and healthy children. During the course of October the authorities of Madrid found that out of 480 samples bought by the officers of the municipality for the purpose of analysis only 210 were considered fit to pass muster. Ihere are some things, however, which Australia does offer. India, Hong Kong, Shanghai, J apan, the Straits Settlements, and, to a certain extent, Australia complain bitterly of the high charges imposed by the companies, and that is the reason that so many of these colonies support the Pacific cables project so eagerly. This much is certain : that cultures of diphtheria germs can be mads from the throat of a child months after its recovery. But according to the official report none of -these constitutes tne chief cause of all this bad health, whion is said to be the adulteration of most of the food sold to the people. But " they change their skies but not their souls " who cross the sea.

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