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So I was almost trying to shake her, like I’m lonely for you and I’m sleeping right next to you.

I found myself missing her while we were right next to one another.” Admitting it was essentially a “f*** you” to her ex by having her current girlfriend in the video, she says she needed to do it to get it off her chest.

So when artists take their fans for granted it's like, ‘What are you?

They are the reason you're a person.’ I love my fans so much, I try to devote all my attention to them, whether it's on social media or when I see them in person.

She uploaded it onto Sound Cloud in 2016; currently, the track has more than 2 million streams.

A year later, Eilish is an Interscope Records signee, has a song on the .

It’s really weird for me because I've been on the other side of it.

It just blows my mind, like someone who you don't know at all can just be like, ‘Oh my god are you Billie? But people meet me and then they'll tell me things that are like, ‘Billie you got me through this,’ and they'll explain what happened and how I helped and literally, I just got shivers thinking about it, because it's something that I do because I love it.

She plays a psychopath who’s just killed all her friends in her biggest hit, “Bellyache.” She sings of burning someone’s car down in “Watch.” She croons, “I want to steal your soul / And hide you in my treasure chest” in her song “Hostage.” The message is clear: Eilish is not your cookie-cutter pop star.

Her personal style sends the same message: unconventional, with baggy silhouettes, sneakers, layered coats, and track suits.

That's the only reason I do it, and that can change somebody's life, which is freaking crazy.” “My brother and I always write together pretty much, and we write so much that it's never like we don't have new songs.

So a lot of the songs on the EP we wrote a year ago or like a year and a half ago—and not that it took us a year to write it, we literally wrote it in like a day.

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When we meet, the silver-haired Los Angeles native is wearing a puffer jacket, turtleneck, a Louis Vuitton scarf around her neck, and a Gucci one at her waist. She toys with a pair of futuristic sunglasses that look like a prop from about her music, handling her sudden fame, and her daring wardrobe.“Who know's how you're supposed to [handle it], you know?