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The best way to study a certain topic in the Bible is to consider every verse in the entire Bible dealing with that topic.

Write them down on paper or index cards as described in the previous heading A Study of All Subjects.

If you have not continued in Gods Word, then how can you stand on Gods Word to say you are saved? As 2 Tim tells us, STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED UNTO GOD, A WORKMAN THAT NEEDETH NOT TO BE ASHAMED, RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF TRUTH.

If you do not desire the sincere milk of the Word, how can you say you are born-again? This is further substantiated in Jn -HE THAT REJECTETH ME, AND RECEIVETH NOT MY WORDS (note what it says), HE THATRECEIVETH NOT MY WORDS, HATH ONE THAT JUDGETH HIM: THE WORD THAT I HAVE SPOKEN, THE SAME SHALL JUDGE HIM IN THE LAST DAY. God is talking directly to you STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED. As it is written, Eph -BE YE NOT UNWISE, BUT UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE WILL OF THE LORD IS. Are Jeremiahs words referring to you, in chapter 8:5,6,9?

This may be, because they do not have Gods Spirit inside them, (they are not converted; they are not born-again). Gal -FOR AS MANY OF YOU AS HAVE BEEN BAPTIZED INTO CHRIST HAVE PUT ON CHRIST. How can God reveal things to people who are wise in their own eyes? There are about 10,385 prophecies, and every single one has come true up to this time without one exception. If you are born-again, you should have a thirst for Gods Word.

Baptism for babies and baptism by sprinkling are Satan's counterfeits. It is written, Mt -THOU HAST HID THESE THINGS FROM THE WISE AND PRUDENT, AND HAST REVEALED THEM UNTO BABES. It is written: 2 Pe ,21-KNOWING THIS FIRST, THAT NO PROPHECY OF THE SCRIPTURE IS OF ANY PRIVATE INTERPRETATION. If that thirst is not there, perhaps you should examine yourself to see why.

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