M m spanking chats

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M m spanking chats

You missed the bonding between father and son, but I can provide you with something else: Discipline with a good ol’ fashioned spanking.

To be clear, this isn’t for a sexual connection, but the real experience of being spanked.

an hour.”“Man, did my phone light up like crazy! “I didn’t realize there were so many straight guys who were into getting spanked.

I thought, I was getting so many people taking up my time that I figured if I raised the price to it would discourage some people.

Those are his rules and I have to follow them, even if I don’t want to!

He knows damn well that the bosses of the company walk by and see everything when they peer inside but he doesn’t give a fuck about that.

On a side-note, Helix Studios’ Spank This sizzling twink spank site is now updating weekly(! and I can barely keep up with all the cherry red hotness!

I’m naked and bent over the lap of a 72-year-old bald man named “Dr. Don says spanking’s therapeutic benefits include…Naturally, spanking started out as a hobby for Dr. “I enjoyed spanking and began doing it for fun,” he says.

So I put an ad in the paper.”The ad read: “My name is Don.

I’m a heterosexual real dad looking for young men who grew up without a dad.

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I’ve never received so many bare bottom spankings and ass play in one sitting before, i’m in pain!