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You can ask that any new accommodation be tested out for a certain period of time.Then the Team can meet again when this time period is up, to determine if the accommodation is working or if a new one should be tried.For this reason, many IEP Teams will not include a testing accommodation anywhere on the IEP if it is not allowed during statewide testing.It’s possible that the accommodation your son received previously is only an approved accommodation through a certain age or grade.They should have a district policy or state rule to show you what supports their statement.

Parent advocate is also telling me that I can’t do anything about it.

One potential reason I can think of is the use of that accommodation on statewide standardized testing.

For a student to receive a particular accommodation on statewide testing, he should routinely be using that same accommodation during in-class testing.

Many parents that I work with have had great success this way.

It does not involve money but it does involve an investment of time by a parent or guardian.

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I am an educator and accommodate students daily, did I miss something?

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