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And I did not care what everyone in the room can see my desire, as I have in a brazen paw in front of the people, as I’m coming from.As I have gone and fucked in the corner of the room.However a device that puts my safety in danger is a real concern.Worst product ever put in a vehicle at 140 dollars a month.

By the way when the cam kept falling off they said they would note it and not worry about it.

Without warning it will emit a loud squeal if a loud blow is required.

This damn thing goes off when I'm on the highway during rush hour, distracting me from driving and potentially putting my life at risk!!

I have had times where I tried to get in touch with them and could not.

Again I accept full responsibility for my actions and am happy that I can drive.

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It cost me just about double what I thought I would pay due to my car.