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We will invite them to live and share this Good News in the world.§ 10 § This is the way for us to acknowledge the life-giving power and evangelizing dynamic of encountering Jesus today—just as the two disciples felt their hearts burn within them and returned in haste to Jerusalem to tell their story of meeting Jesus.§ 11 § Why were their hearts burning? They were burning because in Jesus the disciples caught a glimpse into the heart of God and found their world made new. To protect public health and the environment, the Superfund program focuses on making a visible and lasting difference in communities, ensuring that people can live and work in healthy, vibrant places.Abbreviations Introduction: A Renewed Commitment to Adult Faith Formation Part I A New Focus on Adult Faith Formation Opportunities and Potential Challenges and Concerns The Priority of Adult Faith Formation Part II Qualities of Mature Adult Faith and Discipleship Living Faith Explicit Faith Fruitful Faith Part III A Plan for Ministry—Goals, Principles, Content, and Approaches for Adult Faith Formation Three Major Goals Principles Six Dimensions Concrete Approaches Part IV A Plan for Ministry—Organizing for Adult Faith Formation The Pivotal Importance of the Parish Key Parish Roles of Leadership and Service for Adult Faith Formation Diocesan Support for Adult Faith Formation A Call to Implementation Conclusion: Our Hope for the Future Afterword Notes Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium: Reflections of the U. Catholic Bishops on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the "Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity" and the Fifteenth Anniversary of "Called and Gifted"§ 1 § We are filled with great joy and expectation as the third millennium of Christian history dawns. This can be done specifically through developing in adults a better understanding of and participation in the full sacramental life of the Church.§ 6 § To make this vision a reality, we, as the Catholic bishops of the United States, call the Church in our country to a renewed commitment to adult faith formation, positioning it at the heart of our catechetical vision and practice.

We use/store this info to ensure you have proper access and that your account is secure.In refocusing our catechetical priorities, we will all need to discover new ways of thinking and acting that will vigorously renew the faith and strengthen the missionary dynamism of the Church. Although the task may seem daunting, we need look back no further than the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults twenty years ago to find a model for success. They saw for an instant the full scope of the Father's loving plan and its high point in Christ's death and resurrection. In that perspective, the pathway of their lives opened from confusion and despair into conviction and hope, and they began to grasp the height and depth of God's mysterious love.

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One way it does this is by nourishing and strengthening lay men and women in their calling and identity as people of faith, as contributors to the life and work of the Church, and as disciples whose mission is to the world.