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A general view shows the Merck facility in Rahway, New Jersey November 28, 2005. said on Tuesday it would stop lobbying state legislatures to make it mandatory for schoolgirls to be inoculated with its new cervical cancer vaccine.REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky The company said it made the decision after re-evaluating its lobbying program, which has generated fierce debate with some religious organizations saying it could encourage promiscuity and parents groups questioning the need for such a widespread vaccination program. states had been considering mandating the vaccine, many for girls before they entered the sixth grade.The last bill listed below (3 currently in Maryland), will require your doctor to report any and all vaccinations you or your family recieves through an electronic tracking system.This information in the hands of the State can later be used to prevent those who are unvaccinated from doing a variety of things- from entering school and the work force, to being ineligible for insurance coverage, etc.

A child in school is not at an increased risk for HPV like he is measles,” Dr. About 45 percent of children would be eligible for free vaccines from the federal Vaccinations for Children program, while the other 55 percent would depend on the state programs and insurance companies.

If you are not in Maryland- you can look up your State’s bills here- suggest the decision to have or not have a vaccine is a personal one that should be discussed between a doctor and his/her patient and it should not be dictated, regulated, recorded and reviewed by anyone or everyone hoping to make a buck.

If you are feeling strongly about the issue, you can also contact the Senate Committee and its members that sponsor two of the bills, prompted by the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene.

The ACIP, a 15-member panel charged with developing vaccine schedules and dosages, recommended Gardasil for 11- and 12-year-olds in July, spurring Merck’s lobbying efforts and the legislative push to make the HPV vaccine mandatory for sixth-grade girls.

Merck suspended its lobbying efforts last week amid criticism from parents, who said it would interfere with control over their children, and from conservative groups that said it would encourage premarital sex. Abramson’s comments with a statement it had made previously.

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Could it eventually result in fines or other penalties if you don’t get vaccines, I do not know, but I wouldn’t put it past the Maryland DHMH/CDC.

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