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Lilith astaroth webcam

She is most interested in pursuing roles in the horror genre, especially villain or evil characters.

Lilith Astaroth is also known for her work as a model in the gothic and fetish genres – having several years of modeling under her belt.

They're both parts of Me, but they're 2 very different focuses. Some folks have suggested and/or written My name out as GLA in some cases.

Lilith Astaroth is a metal singer, actress, model, and performer.

Lilith is also known for her “cosplaying”, in particular for dressing as her Ever Quest character, a dark elf wizard, for Sony Online’s Fan Faire conventions in Las Vegas – she is featured in the Ever Quest 10th Anniversary book in this elaborate costume.

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She is currently exploring operatic style vocals in the soprano range.

Lilith Astaroth’s newest recording is her cover of “Christian Woman”, a tribute to Peter Steele of Type O Negative, in which she formally introduces this new aspect of singing to her music.

She has done voice acting skits on two EP's of the gothic band Pandora's Toybox.

Her style of singing combines low guttural growling and high-pitched shrieking; as such, she is often compared to vocalists Dani Filth and Angela Gossow.

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