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It doesn't feel like much has changed, either -- nearly 20-years later, the questions in this q&a; could still be posed to most overtly sexual female performers today.

Still, the answers that Kim gives are refreshing and real -- show us a current platinum-selling rap star who would go on the record about enjoying anal sex in a national publication -- making Kim's voice here all the more important. In pictures, Lil' Kim looks like the images that used to appear in the sleazy black porn magazine Players. Women in them were always "overdone." Sometimes they looked like raggedy drag queens -- a bit rough around the edges.

This obviously didn't sit well with the former Clipse group member who responded with ANOTHER diss track on Tuesday called Grandma's home!!!!!!

A notorious New York gang boss and drug kingpin who is believed to have been engaged to rapper Lil' Kim was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole Monday for ordering the murders of six people during his reign.

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On Tuesday the 35-year-old singer who is best known for the song Anaconda shared a photo to Instagram to promote her new single Chun Li Nicki Minaj looked sultry as she worked her curves in a head-to-toe Fendi look.

And if you have a chance to see girlfriend up close and personal, you'll know why.Damon 'World' Hardy, 40, was the founder and leader of the 'Cash Money Brothers', a gang that ran a major cocaine operation out of the Lafayette Gardens housing project in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, from the 1990s to the 2000.He was arrested and indicted in 2004 on charges of drug dealing, attempted murder and kidnapping​, but his trial was delayed for years as the defense claimed Hardy was unfit to stand trial due to diagnosed schizophrenia.Last year she became the female artist with the most entries on Billboard Hot 100's in the chart's history, a record which was previously held by Aretha Franklin.on Tuesday, on June 3, 2016, Sam Lufti — Britney Spears' ex-manager — and two other guys allegedly burglarized, robbed, assaulted, sexually battered, kidnapped, and attempted to murder Silva at his West Hollywood Home.

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Young, pretty and sweet -- just plain old-fashioned feminine -- Lil' Kim has the kind of innocence it's possible to work with and work over.

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  1. This led to their much-publicized departure from the group in 2010. as well as "My Thoughts, Your Memories", a track on Kyuhyun (Super Junior)'s 1st solo album, At Gwanghwamun.