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There’s also a blatant factual error, with the site claiming “Garner’s divorce from her husband, Ben Affleck, was finalized last year.” It was recently the reported just days ago, are in private mediation as they work on an official settlement. “Naomi Watts, Liam Neeson NOT Dating, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 4 Mar. It’s also worth noting Radar Online has spent much of the past year peddling wrong information about Garner, including a December article that bogusly claimed just over a year ago. “Ben Affleck Has NOT Dumped Lindsay Shookus To Win Back Jennifer Garner, Despite Report.” Gossip Cop, 20 Dec. She would not need guidance from Neeson for such a part.Still, the outlet maintains he and Garner are now “talking more and more frequently.” Asserts the specious source, “The fascination is mutual…

Through the 1980s Neeson appeared in a handful of films and British TV series - including The Bounty (1984), A Woman of Substance (1984), The Mission (1986), and Duet for One (1986) - but it was not until he moved to Hollywood to pursue larger roles that he began to get noticed.Die Organisatoren rechnen mit Tausenden Teilnehmern in 118 Dörfern und Städten.Auch in der Hauptstadt Moskau ist eine Demonstration geplant.In both cases, time has proven Gossip Cop’s debunkings were correct. “Inside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Divorce on the One-Year Anniversary of Their Filing.”, 13 Apr. Affleck never dumped Shookus for Garner and Neeson never dated Watts.

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