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He had previously starred in MTV's Beauty School Cop Outs and the couple had sat down to watch an episode of the show, but it left Stephanie irked as scenes included Jeremy locking lips with some of his co-stars - Scarlett Moffatt and Ex On The Beach star Savannah Kemplay.What started as a minor row then escalated and things worsened between the couple, with Stephanie revealing she had spent Father's Day (Jeremy's first with Caben) alone with just her and her son.Tumultous: He admitted that the pair's initial row had been minor - and came from Stephanie seeing him kiss other girls during an old episode of Beauty School Cop Outs - but had snowballed into something much bigger, prompting him to reach for the bottle Although, pictures have since surfaced of the former Hollyoaks actress and Jeremy spending some time together on Father's Day in a North London hotel without their son.Sources claim the duo spent two days and nights in the hotel, with the reunion coming hot on the heels of a fresh police probe into their relationship.I have a Jack Daniel's now but I might want a sambuca next time.A blonde one day, a red head another…"Jeremy shot to fame in 2016 by entering the Celebrity Big Brother house as a relative nobody, with his romance with Stephanie catapulting him into daily headlines.

A lot of sex."However, Jez denied that he was a sex addict, adding: "I just enjoy sex and making girls happy."Jeremy insisted to Daily Star Online that he will be a good father if he is indeed the daddy of Steph's baby.

Jeremy Mc Connell has spoken candidly of his partying ways and admitted he is 'surprised I'm not dead' given his former lifestyle.

Referring to himself as an 'addict' and 'alcoholic', the Irish model, 27, has said he is determined to change his life around in order to be a 'father figure' to his five-month old son Caben-Albi.

The CBB star could become a father any week now, with his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis close to giving birth.

Despite this, Jez – who is unsure of whether he is the dad - has been seen on dates with several women, including model Bianca Lynch.

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Although, Jeremy has confessed he did suffer a relapse two weeks ago.

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