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It could be a good opportunity for these online daters to employ ATL’s advice on seducing a lawyer.

A major online dating site has your back, publishing a listicle designed to convince their desperate readers why they absolutely should date a lawyer.At Catch22, we understand the unique dating needs, interests, and time limitations of lawyers. Greedy Associates covers the attorney lifestyle-- from law school to career and everything in between. Grindr, which is exclusively for gay menhas been extremely popular, while Blendr, which is for all sexual orientationshas not.Let's replay a quick conversation I had a couple of Thursdays ago with my friend Stein, a graphic designer in his late twenties who I'd set up with a third-year finance associate at my firm connect dating agency so pretty and fun that I still half-suspect that she's not actually an associate, but really an actress posing as a lawyer for some kind of horrifyingly sad new reality show.But again, the real message of this item is, “You’ve always been a disappointment to your parents, maybe this will make them love you.” Apparently e Harmony’s extensive research for this article consisted of watching 3 episodes of Ally Mc Beal.Non-descript slacks and blue button-downs do not add up to “fantastic.” Meanwhile, female lawyers have an even harder time finding great clothes to wear at work. Moreover, why would owning business attire translate into overall fashion sense?

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