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We are somewhere in Aberdeen, Kevin Mc Crae’s home city, in the heady days when Kathryn Mc Dowell pioneered the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s stellar work in the community.

Four of us are about to attempt to persuade a reluctant classroom of 12-year-olds that a Haydn string quartet really can transform their future.

(2 items) Rugby Hall of Fame, Auckland, New Zealand, Opening menu card - commemorating the official opening of the Rugby Hall of Fame signed by 31 including World Cup winning captains David Kirk & John Eales, also legendary players such as Buck Shelford, Zinzan Brooke, John Kirwan, George Gregan, Andrew Mehrtens, Jonah Lomu, Josh Kronfeld, & NZ Prime Minister at the time Jim Bolger amongst others CANTERBURY R. These autographs include JT Burrows, Jack Manchester (captain 35/6 All Blacks) and Bob Stuart (captain 53/4 All Blacks) The menu is heavily creased SOUTH AUCKLAND signed photo.

A team photograph by Louden of Hamilton of the South Auckland team.

He was brilliantly gifted, wonderfully funny, and strangely unable to believe in anything bad about the world and its wilderness ways.

Kennedy, on the cusp of abandoning classical performance in favour of jazz, played with subtle magnificence. He began to play - a lilting blues - and turned to Mc Crae, nodding to have him join in.Kevin Mc Crae, investigating under heavy drapes, lifts the lid of a grand piano and starts to play Mozart - the K488 concerto. With Mc Crae as one of her unflinching supporters, she would lead groups of players - ignoring the protests of those who quailed at the thought of youth en masse - to till unbroken cultural ground.He plays the opening phrases, then looks up and grins: "Mitsuko Uchida," he says, and, rounding his back, arching his wrists, he plays intensely, the phrases curving with intelligence and intensity. " Mc Crae, his left hand sustaining the bass, messes up his hair, crouches forward, grunting gently, and begins to point and swirl the phrases. Now, bound for his old school, Mc Crae is excited, recounting tales of mild obscenities carved in desktops and other skilfully honed forms of ingenious teacher-torturing inventiveness.Slow clapping began as cello and violin lines snaked, smoked and swayed; then, tumultuous applause.Kennedy raised a hand, quelled the clapping, and brought the cellist to his feet. "You should all be very proud of him." And how proud we are to have known him - every musician and audience member among us.

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