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Jenny sanford dating

However, her timing, her choice of venue, and her complicity in her husband's spectacle has made her unrelatable to millions of everyday women. Judging from the outcome of Tuesday's contest, it seems that Sanford, South Carolina's devout citizens and God herself surely work in very mysterious ways....

Sanford told The Post and Courier that she has been dating her future husband, Andy Mc Kay, for 15 months.

Sanford was famously caught having an affair with an Argentinian when he disappeared in 2009 and his staff told the press he was "hiking the Appalachian Trail." Instead of holding a perfunctory press conference with a brief admission of the affair, he rambled about the nature of "forbidden love." Jenny moved their four sons out of the governor's mansion and filed for divorce.

Almost four years later, both Sanfords were floated as potential candidates in the South Carolina special election to fill the congressional seat vacated when Tim Scott was appointed to fill Jim De Mint's Denate seat.

Sanford and Chapur have continued to see each other, although the 57-year-old politician has been linked to numerous other women.

“It was never just Belén,” one Sanford confidante told us. Sanford turned in a tremendously unimpressive performance in last year’s GOP primary against underfunded opponent Jenny Horne – a race that has also exposed him to a lingering campaign finance scandal.

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