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Jennifer aniston still dating john mayer

And remember how everyone predicted a Kidman post-Cruise career resurgence for her? Kidman, whatever her faults, always takes on challenging roles, whereas Aniston did RUMOR HAS IT and DERAILED, which I guess was a departure because Aniston was kind of evil. Whenever she 'stretches', it usually means she's downplaying her hair like in THE GOOD GIRL and HORRIBLE BOSSES. She's not annoying like most actresses, and can be quite droll. She's a sort of beige-celeb-blob-girl who had a much-imitated haircut, a famous husband and a cheesy sit-com. And didnt Pitt say almost the same, in his most recent interview ? Something to the effect of being stoned all the time, and self involved'. Aniston, despite her bland persona, or, because of it, surpasses every other Hollywood star at this skill.

I doubt she gets lots of offers for "something different", unless she wants to take roles in SAG Ultra Low-Budget films, which I imagine she does not. There just isn't any "there there."A more sensible request would be asking people to explain the Aniston love, but you wouldn't find many answers for that here. Seems like he matured, and grew as a person - she hasn't. I happened to be watching Letterman a few years ago when Aniston was on. That's why, while cranking out schlock, she's A List.

'"I thought that those were supposed to be good for your throat." But, he noted, "I mean, I'm still a major pothead." This is not the first time Andy has publicly discussed his health.

It's not anything new or unusual, but it's fun watching people try to justify resentment and envy. However, along with Winfrey and Stewart, I admire and respect her as a woman who has created a successful career. told her it would be a mistake to marry a hopped up on drugs Dennis Quaid. Or that I give a monkey's ass what she puts on her face cause it sure ain't Aveeno products.

Bitch held a juvenile, Meg Ryanish grudge against her mother for the longest time. If they think that looking at that puffy, pasty, non-descript mess of human flesh is going to convince me to buy their products, then they are as delusional as she is.

She came across as exceedingly self-absorbed and neurotic. As I was reading it, "high maintenance" were the words that popped into my head.

At one point, she devoted an awful lot of time to discussing how getting a haircut (to shoulder length) put her 'round the bend.

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Aniston has had work done, but her looks haven't morphed into a typical Hollywood cookie cutter face. Aniston's constant tabloid presence makes her too accessible and she has become a target for resentment.

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