Ja rule and ashanti dating

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Ja rule and ashanti dating

With the arrival of Ashanti's latest album last week, Complex News asked the "Never Should Have" singer what's up with her and Rule these days, and when they're going to be getting back to their hitmaking ways.Check the video above for her answer, and don't forget to check out the rest of our interview with Ashanti.Ja Rule and Ashanti rose to the top of the music charts in the early 2000's with their hit songs, Always on Time, What's Luv and Mesmerize. She Said That They Are Only Friends, And That Even Though They Are Dating.....

Harden is said to now be dating singer Ashanti, who no longer is just remembered for singing hooks on Ja Rule songs back in ‘03.“Le Bron won’t fit with the Sixers because he’d take the ball out of Ben [Simmons’] hands,” Barkley said.“[Le Bron] is not coming in any form, shape or capacity … Ben’s not a shooter, and [Le Bron] dominates the ball way too.A pair of thigh-grazing shiny gold boots covered her legs as the songstress danced on stage next to her former singing partner.Ashanti - real name Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas - wore her long raven-colored hair in loose waves with large golden hoop earrings peeking through.

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A slew of dark tattoos were plastered across his chest and abdomen as Ja Rule showed off his toned torso.

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