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Itunes song play count not updating

Every version of i Tunes seems affected, although version 10.x seems worse than others. It can happen on any model i Pod, although Nanos and Touches seem to be the most affected. Installation instructions for Adjust Play Count in i Tunes for Windows: The script will update your i Tunes for Windows play count for all the selected songs – even for the current playing song if you’ve highlighted it.

I found the awesome Liquid Parallax scripts but didn’t like manually editing the javascript file to set the new play count.

I know that the "love" are device specific, but I thought that play count should sync because it worked before Apple Music.

I noticed recently that the song counts in i Tunes weren't increasing (despite me listening to them quite a bit on my i Phone).

After upgrading to i Tunes 11, however, some users are finding that these statistics are not being updated, and songs can be played numerous times with no change to the dates and counts listed in the library.

This problem has not happened with everyone who has upgraded i Tunes, and after users investigated this issue in a rather lengthy Apple Discussion thread, they found that this issue is linked to the use of the i Tunes crossfade function.

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I know because I'm also scrobbling playcounts and will get more playcounts on from my i Phone than i Tunes reports.

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