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The recipes seem great, with a focus on simple ingredients and traditional techniques, and I love that so many of them are illustrated with beautiful photography.The bigger draw of this book, though, is likely the aspects that tie into the HBO show, which come through here in the form of in-character narrations (Artie Bucco gives the history of Vesuvio's and shares a chapter of more upscale restaurant-style recipes, This is a funny book with a mix of Neapolitan recipes and Sopranos fan moments.Publisher Web Link: David’s Italian Food was one of the first books to demonstrate the enormous range of Italy's regional cooking.For the foods of Italy, explained David, expanded far beyond minestrone and ravioli, to the complex traditions of Tuscany, Sicily, Lombardy, Umbria, and many other regions.

Whatever the cas This is a good, solid Italian-American cookbook (mostly recipes from Southern Italy).

David imparts her knowledge from her many years in Italy, exploring, researching, tasting and testing dishes.

Her passion for real food, luscious, hearty, fresh, and totally authentic, will inspire anyone who wishes to recreate the abundant and highly unique regional dishes of Italy.

In a Britain worn down by post-war rationing and dull food, she celebrated regional and rural Mediterranean dishes rather than the fussier food of the gourmands and aristocrats.

David’s style is characterised by terse descriptions of the recipes themselves, accompanied by detailed descriptions of their context and historical background, and often laced with anecdotal asides.

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