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Is dating your sister

Hearing from my sister makes me think about the way I treat women.Sometimes I’m happy with how I acted and sometimes not so much.And something cool happens in this process: I get a great perspective on what it’s like on the other side.You know, like what a woman’s thinking when a guy suggests dinner after you’ve already been hanging out for a while at happy hour (not In other words, I get to learn from other dudes’ mistakes, as told from a woman’s perspective.But hearing my sister’s frustrations about guys who send her mixed messages has given me reason to be more straightforward.She’ll have guys who flirt with her but don’t ask her out. Guys who text her afterward, but it’s not clear if they plan to ask her out again.It means that I need to tread carefully when woman’s heart is involved.It’s the golden rule of dating: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto your sister or friend.”I’m much more intentional about dating women thanks to my sis. I have discovered that this means not going too deep in conversation or getting physically intimate while still getting to know one another.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which way is up when it comes to communicating with the opposite sex.

Sure, I’m primarily interested in finding the woman of my dreams.

But odds are that I’m going to go out with some less-than-dreamy women, and I can either treat them as obstacles to my goals, or I can treat them like they’re someone’s sister.

Here are three crucial dating lessons that every guy would rather learn from his sister or a friend.

Many men struggle with being a bit of a flake when it comes to romance.

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So, as you can imagine, when I inquire about her dating life, I always get a pretty candid response.

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