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Posted by / 28-Sep-2020 17:43

Intimidating to men

As men learn to deal with power-sharing, intimacy, and deep honesty with themselves -- not just in Circle but in the world -- most of the women-only covens will probably fade away.(See Wiccan Etiquette for more on how to participate in Circle with equality.) In essence, men may feel unwelcome in Wicca because of the empowerment that Wicca gives to women.

The basic problem, I think, is that we've been brainwashed into believing that power is a win-lose proposition. The whole community is stronger when each member is strong, whether you're speaking of humans or wolves or cuttlefish.

Women, the Earth, the Moon, the physical body, cycles, and other "feminine" aspects are all revered in Wicca.

This can seem intimidating to men who are raised with values that prize intellect, aggressiveness, and independence above all.

Or conversely, some men abdicate their power out of a desire to not dominate the group, but end up acting out with passive aggressiveness or other balancing mechanisms.

After all, being powerless is not an improvement over dominating.

This doesn't mean that men in Wicca are lower in status or power than women.

So if men are welcome in Wicca, why are there some women-only covens?

I wish there were an easy answer for this, and one that didn't set men's hackles up.

Women seem to be more innately spiritually-inclined... Even in Christian churches, it's more women than men, and most of the men and children are there at the behest of their wives and mothers.

So most of the mainstream, God-centric religions fit men fairly well.

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