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Intimidating strike feat 3 5

There are instances where Str bonus to damage is replaced (Targeteer Fighter, Control Body) and spells or abilities that add natural attacks seem to assume that the added Str is part of your 'claw damage' or whatever.Interestingly, the only direct comparison I can think of is Manyshot, which conflates multiple arrow attacks into a single attack roll with multiple sets of damage.Absolutely, go for it, you’re a Warlock sporting levels in Fist of the Forest, Enlightened Fist, and Shou Disciple, Powerful Build and a size increase, Superior Unarmed Strike, Improved Natural Attack, and Snap Kick? In short, ask your DM; a good DM should probably answer your question with another: what are you planning to do with it?Would you say that the damage of a longsword is 1d8 or 1d8 str?In addition to normal charge modifiers (which give you a -2 penalty to AC and a 2 bonus on the attack roll), you can assign any portion of the attack roll penalty from Power Attack to your Armor Class instead, up to a maximum equal to your base attack bonus.

Source: Complete Warrior You are adept at breaking up formations of soldiers when you rush into battle.Domino Rush: To use this maneuver, you must make a successful bull rush attempt that forces a foe into the same square as another foe.You may make a free trip attempt against both foes at the same rime, and neither foe gets a chance to trip you if your attempt fails.Directed Bull Rush: To use this maneuver, you must make a successful bull rush attempt as part of a charge.For every square you push your foe hack, you may also push that foe one square to the left or right.

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