International dating ssayt

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International dating ssayt

Men without any experience of these things are exalted to high places for short terms, while the older servants, on whose advice they depend, arc held so tight to the grindstone of office work as to lose their touch with the world of natives.- The traditions of Parliament will prt;vent that august body ever loosening its grasp over a vast continent for which it has done so much ; anil we would welcome a strong Indian phalanx in the House of Corgmons, well-informed like the Scottish jjarly.They wrote to the Government in an elevated strain.“ The whole civil and military government of India is in your hands, and for what is good or evil in the administration of it, the honour 1 6 Imperial Parliament Supreme in India.In the interval, and especially as the native press has just been brought under severer criminal laws, I would venture to suggest that the non-official members should be treated as informal counsellors. 492-532) a long despatch of 1S34 from the Court of Directors, he has, I think, done the State some service in this present year of gtace.It seems that Parliament has not legislated for the press ; and so Sir C. The Directors were afraid of “ rash and thoughtless legislation,” the result of passing emotion, or official cliques, or ignorance of the people.Hut for safeguarding the policy which enjoins caution and res[ect for the wishes of fellow-subjects so different to ourselves, the local legislatures have become e.sscntial.I'o them much of the Digest is devoted ; and one of the lessons of this v'alnable book we take t» be that future diwelopments of the Indian constitution will be in the direction of e.nlarging tht;ir powers.

U, UNIVERSn V INSTITUTE: 13 imperial Parliament Supreme in fnaia. But we rise from a perusal of the Digest with a feeling that many old provisions, hardly suit, ble even in bygone times, are fitter for repeal than for re-enactment nowadays, when telegraphs and steamers bring India close to us.

The surprise, which the despotic clauses cause in the modern mind, partly arises from the little sjace given to what has always counterbalanced them.

I the linglish law as it stood in i 726, the appeal to the Privy Council, the royal prerogatives which e: ist for the; go'Kl of the people-,

Great as it looks and sounds, - it does not add so much to the Empire as New England did.” Impertaf Parliament Supreme in India: 15 objections are taken in the organ of the Indian Congress to the payment of the Ecclesiastical establishment out of the Indian taxpayers’ money.

From many quarters the desire is expressed that the local governments should be’ brought more under ready control, not alone as to wasteful expenditure, but also to secure a policy based on deeper sympathy with the Indian peoples, and fuller knowledge of their languages^ their customs, and their feelings.

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It would then be desirable and quite in accord with all our precedents for new discussions to be waged If ever the 1 digest were moulded into a Bill. Already * See Sir lames Mackintosh's Bombay Diary, February 26, “Malcolm brought Elphinstone to breakfast.

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