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Her records show that she slept with a traveling salesman named Chuck.

All evidence proves that Blanche did in fact sleep with Rose's deceased husband!

Nurse Defarge pledges to stick by Sophia until she can walk again - Unfortunately for Sophia, Dorothy happens upon her walking to the coffee table for a magazine, ending the charade.

Sophia explains that she enjoyed having someone look after her.

At first Blanche discards the idea, stating that it's her place which houses memories of her family.

But Blanche eventually realizes that the ladies are her family now and generously agrees to co-ownership.

Dorothy explains she makes Sophia do things for herself to keep her active and vital.

Blanche, on the other hand, is trying to keep her granddaughter entertained, something she's never had to contend with since she sent her own children to boarding school.

During the talent portion of the pageant, Melissa freezes in front of the audience.After days of ignoring and avoiding Blanche, Rose realizes that she can't let the past get in the way of their friendship. Blanche really didn't sleep with Charlie after all.Todd Susman [ Marlowe ], Tony Plana [ Alvarez ], Richard Roat [ Kendall ], Claudette Sutherland [ Posey ], Nicholas Kepros [ Maitre d' ], Zach Grenier [ Vaczy ], Leland Orser [ Waiter ], Gloria Cromwell [ Gloria ], Tim Haldeman [ Man ], Margery Nelson [ Woman ] Dorothy, Sophia and Rose join Blanche on a murder mystery weekend she has organized for the museum's annual outing.Meanwhile, Sophia is showing signs of hearing loss and Dorothy is concerned. Dorothy threatens to make her life "miserable" if she doesn't see a doctor.After the appointment, it turns out that Sophia's hearing is fine, but Dorothy needs a hearing aid.

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At first Sophia isn't crazy about the notion of Dorothy employing the "Angel of Death" but quickly acquiesces when she's able to manipulates Defarge.