House wife sex hookup

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House wife sex hookup

Maturity added curves and in my case about 20 lbs, but I can still turn heads.

I work out to stay healthy and attractive; not that my husband ever seemed to notice. A memory of that time at my father's hunting cabin still sent a shiver over me.

How would I compare to whatever image he had of me?

How would the way I see myself compare with the way he would see me?

Where I was once a firm 32C, now I'm more of a 36D; sagging a bit but with slightly upturned nipples that I think look even better than before.

Granted, I would love to have the body I had at 17, but on the eve of my fourth decade I think I look pretty good.

My jeans had been discarded altogether, as well as my shoes and panties.

The car was a two door Mercury with plenty of room to get comfortable for the long trip.

" I wondered to myself as I continued down the freeway toward a destination where I should not have been going and a rendezvous I should not have.We never exchanged pictures because we were both married, and because he said it was much more erotic to describe ourselves in intimate detail.This wasn't about destroying our families, but rather finding the passion and excitement that neither of us could find any more with our respective spouses.The first time my husband ever drove to meet my parents I had taken a pillow for the drive.Before long the pillow was on my lap and his hand was under it.

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We were two young lovers and the thrill of the forbidden made it all the more exciting.

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