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News that the duo was spotted at Los Angeles restaurant Il Cielo over the summer. 2015 after two years of marriage and the duo released a joint statement about their split."It is with a heavy heart that we have come to the decision to divorce," the statement read.This is the first time Berry has shared a new love in her life since finalizing her divorce from Olivier Martinez in Dec. "We move forward with love and respect for one another and the shared focus of what is best for our son.And she researched her screenplay by interviewing eye-witnesses.The film's comedic tone (wait till you watch Obie tossing furniture off his balcony) is all Ergüven's idea, an absurdist twist so daring you root for it to work. Instead, it throws Kings into a tailspin from which it never recovers.

Halle Berry – that's right, the Oscar winner – stars as Millie, a glam-looking single foster mother of eight kids living in the racial hothouse of South Central Los Angeles circa 1992, when the Rodney King trial helped spark the L. Or he would be, if he wasn't such a nutjob drunk given to walking around naked and firing his shotgun in the air when rioters and police piss him off.

Total pandemonium ensues as Ergüven cuts to Millie's erotic dreams (!

), Obie's lunatic behavior and a risible moment when a white cop handcuffs these unlikely lovers to a traffic stand. There's no blaming the young actors, notably Lamar Johnson as Jesse, the eldest of Millie's brood, and Kaalan "KR" Walker as William, as the bad influence who spurs Millie's kids on a shoplifting spree.

Halle is mom to daughter Nahla, 9, and son Maceo, 4.

Kanye West was in a good mood Friday morning as he arrived at his Calabasas studio to work on his long-anticipated album.

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The actress posted a photo of herself with British music producer Alex Da Kid on Instagram Tuesday.