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Either way, the girl has your attention, if not your affection. She messaged back that she was still interested in doing the interview. Shit got kinda real when she gave us her phone number and we moved our conversation from DMs to Whats App texts .

We were supposed to do an interview months ago after she became a fan of The Super-Id after she discovered a post we wrote about her where we dubbed her the Swedish Unicorn, and loved it.

But if I go out, if I’m at a club, someone would want to take a photo of me.

At Uni I would mostly go in sweats, no makeup, hoodie.

This interview is not my first dance with Ines Helene.

And that attention has lead the Super-Id to conduct this interview with Ines Helene. We looked at this like getting to 2nd base with Ines Helene.

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If I meet a nice person and he happens to be a celebrity, okay, I would rather just… This stuff that’s written about them, it’s hurtful to me, at the same time, as they say, if they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal. it’s such bizarre things like, why didn’t your family spend money on your sister, very bizarre-like speculations about who I am and what I do and stuff like that. I’m just proud of who I am, my body…S-Id: In 2015, plastic surgery is so pervasive.

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