Funniest online dating profile ever

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Funniest online dating profile ever

Whether in the shower or at the doctor’s office, he would only strip down to a pair of super-tight cut-off jean shorts.Poor Kenny, the kid with the jacket pulled too tight over his face, who could never manage to survive even one episode of this long-running show (at least until season six, when he died permanently).

Turns out, rumors of the death of sitcoms has been greatly exaggerated., in which Lucille Ball and her pal Ethel try not to get fired at the chocolate factory (and prove to their husbands that a job is easier than housework) by keeping up with the conveyor belts. ” Who knew just shouting the same word over and over again wouldn’t magically change the flexibility of furniture?When things start moving faster than they expected, they shove chocolates wherever they can hide them, including their mouths. And for more brilliance, check out these 20 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Their Pets. It’s scenes like this that prove why Homer Simpson is quite possibly the worst father in TV history. Sheldon Cooper, the scientist (played by Jim Parsons) who thinks he’d have to lose 60 IQ points to be classified as just “smart,” has a better way to play the ol’ Rock-Paper-Scissors game. Any time Woody the bartender asked if he was thirsty, something hilarious was sure to come out of his mouth.” Norm shot back, without missing a beat, “No, for stupid questions.” Classic.And for more classic TV moments, here are the 30 Oscars Telecast Jokes That Totally Bombed.

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” We won’t spoil it for you, but it’s really, really funny.

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