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After you’ve selected your photo or video, you can add text, draw over it, or add a location, timestamp, hashtag, poll, gif, or emoji. When you reach 10k followers, you’ll be able to add a hyperlink to your stories so that people can click to learn more.This is particularly useful for sharing things like articles and blog posts.Posts can get lost down your feed as you make new ones, but highlights are great for quick reference points or milestones.If you want your highlights to look polished, add a cover page to your stories first.Medical expenses, credit card debt, and car loans aren’t wishes for me because I don’t have them. I also often feature new members of the #debtfreecommunity in my stories, with links to their profiles – people are usually looking for others to follow, and it helps new accounts gain traction faster.If you want to add a previous story to your profile so it’s easily accessible, just tap the ‘New’ button on your profile page.For mine, I’ve just chosen a white background with a black icon.You can add a new cover later if you want, but you’ll need to add the new cover page to your stories too and then the cover will appear at the end of that highlight rather than as the first image.

Above all, the #debtfreecommunity is a haven for a lot of people.

Some of the stories I highlight are: articles, books, inspirational quotes, recipes, and progress updates.

Add whatever stories you want to come back to later or have easily accessible as resources.

My stories are usually where I share more day to day things that I don’t want interrupting my regular feed.

I post things like: food I’m eating, photos of how messy my apartment is, screenshots of my budget, books I’m currently reading, shout outs to people who have just paid off a debt, photos from inside my fridge – refrigerator voyeurism is very much a thing, and the occasional rant.

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