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I have used fetlife before but again, there were very few female dommes in my area.accroding to extensive surveys by clincial research teams, less than 1% of women are naturally inclined towards non normal sexual behaviour.As women grow older they may pick up some taste for it subject to partners encouragement, but there is a massive inbalance between men and women.Many of our registered subs slave are particularly obedient to mature domme.The Internet and mobile dating platforms, is full of regular run of the mill online dating sites. We are the premier online dating site for singles and couples seeking something different, something fresh, an alternative to the norm.I have used fetlife before but again, there were very few female dommes in my area. That's definite lack of common sense, and unfortunately, that's more common than many realize.Not that Google Maps is the know it all of everything... it doesn't sound like a very large place if that's the case.

I just wondered how many regular people (not professional dommes) there were in this community. It's true there are several sites, but some are pay sites and others have a lot of fake people there.

Which means I can't narrow down the search for you more... Please understand that there will be many people who are NOT a part of FL, but who are active in your community. attend munches and public events, make friends, get invited to private parties, be introduced to people..suddenly you'll have met one.

there are over 16,000 kinksters listed as living in Kentucky somewhere on FL.

So, in other words, find a woman to love and be loved by then guide her towards dominating you.

Easier than finding a the profiles on paid for sites are bogus, the sites have teams of "data inputters" who trawl the net for pictures to use to create false profiles that are then use to lure hapless men into paying full membership fees.

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explore the clubs, art, fashion, music, gender bending and fetish that go along with it.

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