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Free dirty sex chat rooms no signup

I inched around the corner of the arch and could see her fully. His hips were moving, and she was making those pornstar cock-sucking sounds, half slurp, half choking-grunt. Jake turned, and both of his hands moved to her jeans. I moved to the side of the arch, back to the wall and waited. He had one hand on her tits, squeezing and kneading them. She had her right hand apparently jerking his cock, or playing with his balls. I could hear the wet sounds his fingers were making all the way over by the door. I stepped to the right and pushed the door almost shut. What happened to "oh baby, your dick is too big; it hurts me"? I stood outside the door and tried to breathe, tried to think.

She claimed my cock was too big for her tiny Asian body. She didn't even really want to be fingered, as that hurt too, so she said. This would last about a day, and then the cycle would begin all over again. I figured she was bi-polar, but looking into her childhood and early years before we met revealed things that were maybe even darker, like borderline personality, possible schizophrenia and at least one attempted suicide. She had expressed a long list of sexual fantasies, and we had tried out many of the tamer ones. She was always moody and looking to pick fights over the dumbest shit. I didn't know what to expect, so she was "happy," is what I thought. We'd even attended some swinger parties, but never really did much, just watched, got horny and fucked at home. That put a major damper on things, but she was still the horny, dirty little minx I had fallen in love with. It was literally like she flipped a switch and went from being a sexpot to a teapot. I changed my behavior, my attitude, my level of presence with her. I didn't know better, and I would take the bait, and we'd start yelling and screaming. We got home, closed the door and "pow." She was hammered. Hopefully, this will be taken as a lesson for some who would rather fight to keep something so dead alive. Nobody's dying in their 30's anymore, and life is way too long to bother dealing with this amount of shit.

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