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We're brothers'" Getting to campus took some planning fo( the Lathams. we would we the station wagon, and my brothen, or t wxiuld park ii really crooked or close to another car. Cruiaa l Hl*ri Nalt*n tefvtoaa: (206) g71-d Ext C57e82 CRUISE SHIPS HIRINO- Earn 00/ month plus free world travel (Europe, Catlbbean, etc.) No ex- perience naceasaty. DRIVERS, PACKER, HELPERS wanted Excel lent opportunity to make good money in KC area. Will train Fry Wagner Moving and Storage Call Darin Bald- win (91 3)541 -0020 axt. No experience neces- saryl ) 800-827-2e32 ex- tension Ml 5401. Qualified students should be enthusiastic and moti- vated, enrolled through Spring 1398 or beyond. LOOKING FOR a great aum mar job7 Make an average Of t SOOO painiing housaa in southern Johnson County, No esparianca neceatary Gal your ttiendt together to form a craw (913)393-1300 Or (913l829-«842 MANE UP In SS par boar We era looking for mature, happy, depend- able, people who enjoy lelking on the telephone. S6,26 per hour to start and bo nusei Apply in person at 2601 Andaraon second floor suits 20S between 1pm.

Almosi every evening before classes, they uuuld meet to decide who was going, at what time and with what car "There would be different combinations of iw'os or threes going in. Practical jokes were common among ihe brothers when il came to ihe car thev used "It was an older, brown station wagon, li had a wood panel on the side, so we called ii the woody." Mark Latham said. One time 1 came oui to the staiion wagon and saw it slicking way out. 255 ENTERTAItt MENT INDUS- Tfi V now hiring Earn to S3. FLORIDA SUMMER EM- PLOYMENTI We vo got it alll For lun, travel and high income potential. and 6p,m Monday thru Friday NEED A summer |ob7 We offat eaeaonal ampfo Yment to K-Stale atudant* Several poeitiona open in- cluding driver*, packers and helper* 40- 50 hours per week Overtime pay.

He said he wanted to gain a level of higher education lo assist him in canng for the elderly Taking his degree a few hours at a time, he said he hopes to eventual- ly speak on geriatric issues m the future f-inding his experience at K-Staic an enlightening one, fk-l Latham gives a lot ol credit to his professor. 537-7264 NEEDED: 78 people to lose weight and aarn money 100*^ naturel Doc- tor recommended. Assist full time pro grammar/ analyst with vari ous maintenance end mod ificsiions/ enhancements to on-line university soft were applications. Prefer junior class standing or above in CIS or MIS cur ricula.

Rick Scheldt "I don't know as I've found a more devoted teacher that really knows what hc't leaching It's incredible after all Ihe cours- es I've taken thrtmghoui the years, I don't think I've ever met anyone who's that pre- pared lo teach." he said E-mail chaiki letters waste users' time, disk space ^ ttifr rrpnricr E-mail chain letters that instruct Uic FKeiv CT to send the message on to five more people might appear harmless, but are actu- ally wasteful, according to Harvard Townsend, UNIX network systems manager for K-SUte "They UK up f«saurec8, waste time and, in some cues, can lead to illegal activities," he said. one-bedroom apartment* in quiet kk- pl*i sdl Bcent to West cam pus. Offer expires May t*l t-800' 690-1740, PRIMIill B SROTMER- SISTi R CAMPS IN MASSACHUSCTTS Counselor positions for I*- lanlad end anergatic stud- ents SS Progrsm Special- ists in sll Team Sporta. Knowledge of UNIX, Mfl ML, SQI, and ORACLE helpful Should enioy work Ing wih and helping peo- ple Contact Mark Grinier et 532-4772.

These chain Icttcm are just one of sever- al forms of Interna abuse and are the cause for many headaches for tho«c in char^ of mamiuining the systems Internet users should learn to avoid following the direc- tions of chain letters and instead e some bl numtier as those found in Michigan, where there was o hepolitis A outbreak among school children, were sent io Kansas distributors, including one in Manhattan t However, that does not mean thot tfve strowberries in Kansas are tainted with hepatitis A Saroff ond Co.. Avsilsbic j Line 1 wilh year Ieese Unfurnished, new cenlral sir and hast, private parking, water and trash paid. S320 fjer month For more in- ormation plaaae call 532-7589 balwaen 8- 6 or leave message temsk Now For Square II 14 Fremont 2000 College Heights Sandstone Large 2'bedroom Units. aa- Cecielly Baseball, Baakat- all, Rollat Hockay, Qym- cer. 30 tennis openings: also Golf, Arch- ery, Rillary, Pioneering/ Overnight Camping, Ropes snd Rock Climbing. by electronic meil to or at 2323 Anderson Avenue, Suite 715. April 22, 1997 Mi noriry, women and handi- capped are ^ncoura^ad to apply SUMMER EMPLOYMENT experienced combine or truck drivers needed for cualom wheal harvest op erslion, Hotel and rrwal* in- cluded Wages baaed on experience Apply now Lencaiter Harvesting. Meture, responsible, fun-loving m dividual rieeded to care for children egas 14, 9 and 5 during summer Tranapor- tation required.

a Monhoiton food wholesaler that supplies Food to institu- tions such as K Stole, received some of ifte berries that the KDhl E suspects might be contominoled. Weights/ Filnas* and Cy- cling: other opening* in- clude Perlorming Arl*. Call 539-7300, leave message SUMMER WORK available at K5U Eastarn Kanaaa Hor- ticullure Reiearch Cenlar, De Soto. Must have own iransportetion Contact Or Charles Marr or Christy Nagel at 632-6173 for application or more information TECHNICAL SUPPORT poiition available for K- State undergraduate stud- ent with a variety Pf Skill*. VAHNEY'S SOOK STORE I* now taking ap plications lor temporary part'llma snd lamporarv ntll-tlma positions in the textbook depettmeni to assist with textbook buy back.

who will play football at UCLA this fall, the way his grandfather did before moving on to revolutionize baseball.

Driving lo Manhattan on a Fnday or Saturday night is ahvays an option, but It's usually with brothers, girlfriends or wives, they said. ONE-BEDROOM, IN du- plex, quiai neighborhood, good for serious atudent*. ONE-BEOROOMS SISO, 8305 Now, June, or Au- oust isa*e*. -0394 PAR«(VIEW APARTMENTS Iwo bedroom svs Hsble now 1028 Osega, 8485. on-sila laundry snd psrking No pets Call MOI 778-3804 SHORT-TEAM LEASE STARTING NOW at Gold Kay apartments 1419 Lesv- anworth S4D0 until May 31, 1480 until July 31. HORIZON APAKTMEf US • i^u Sl'ty ti VO Eerfr Dorv\» JI06 Bluemont f5C0 907Vs Wer M90-500 ■ 539-S40H THREE-BEDROOM APART- MENTS' house Alihsvacsn Iral air. Raadera ere ad- viead to approach any euch ampleyment op- portunity with roaaon- able caution. Earn above aver- age commissions selling advertising in specialty nawipaper*, 30 hours per week with flexible iched- ule Qualified candtdatat must have related aele* ax penance and proven drive to succeed.

Having three other brothers al IC-Slalc at one time made it easy to stay together on campus as well The Lathams had what they considered their own family tabic in the Union Stateroom "All four of us were sitting there one lime, just talking like brothers do saying things so bizarre and strange," Tom Latham said. Reasonsbia rent and utilitie* Very near campui June and August lease* No pat*. central Sir, dishwasher, iaundry, no pets, June 1, 5. Tha Col- iacleit urge* our raatl- ars to contact tha Sot- tar Suelnese Suraau, SOI SC Jaftereai«, To- Raha. Contact Brett Kelly, ~Q~ Publications Manager at 587-0103, or eend reeume' and cover let- ter to KOLA F^jblicatiofts, 5008 Skyway Dr., Manhat- tan, KS 66503.

and Ihe cars were having to swerve around it " Picking up where his btiys left off. Celt 778^ 4808 ONE, TWO, thraa and four bedroom, close to campu*. For information call 13621378- 9909 Ejrt 13202, FREE SAMPLES! 30 day guarantee Cell toll tree t- m S-B»7-87S0 FULL TIME WAREHOUSE/ delivery peraon Pleese epply in person Faith Fur- niture East Highway 24, Next to Sirlr Hn Stocked*, ORAPHIC ARTIST- It* Greek To Ma ia accapting applications lor full and part-time artists Experi. Knowledge uaing Coral Draw helpful Salary is commanaurata with experience end quel- ificstions Greet working environment. Hourly wage based on ex- perience and qualifica- tions. Top sale' riaa, room, tioerd end trev- el, June 22nd August 20lh, Inquire: MAH-NEE- NAC (Boys): 1-800-753 8118.

Del Latham is in his first semester as a graduate student at K -State. flexible schedule Apply el or send resume lo 628 Pillsbuty Or., Manhattan, KS. Call Tony or Travia to set up an interview el Coven Worldwide Moving, Inc . DAMSEE (Girls): 1 BOO- 392-3752 SEEKING FINANCIAL AID7 Don't limit your possibili- ties for finenciel aidi Stud ent Financial Services pro- files over 200.000 plus m dividual awards from pri- vate and public sector*. STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Support Programmer in tha Kantaa Slate Univaraily Ottica of Information Sya tems.

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"With a pro- fessional, they are assured thai the right questions arc being asked." Schluck ^id students should be caieful to not leave Important mi'ormation out when filing their taxes. "Everybody knows that taxing is neces- sary, but It's hard to pay the government after hearing about all the wasted tax dollars." he said.

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