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Forum dating scam

If the victim pays the fee, there will always be another one that needs to be paid before the money or consignment can be released, and this will continue until the victim realises it is a scam, or simply runs out of money to send.There is no consignment or huge sum of money - the entire story is a lie to get the victim to pay.They are called advance fee frauds because they all involve the victim being asked to pay fees in advance.The fees are said to be for a lawyer or barrister, court documents, registration or other formal payments needed, security company, courier or diplomat fees, or bribes.The most common lies told are that there is an over-invoiced contract with the government, an unclaimed bank account which will be forfeit if not claimed soon, a next-of-kin who has died and left the victim a fortune, a political refugee (or the widow/son/daughter of one) who has valuables he cannot take out of the country alone, a dying person who wants to distribute huge sums to charity before they die, or an investor who has a large sum of money to invest in the victim's country.These are all lies, told merely to set the scene for the request for money from the victim.The scammer will pretend that it is a random lottery, often based on email addresses, to get round the fact that you cannot win a lottery you have never entered.

If you are viewing this page, you were probably directed here via a scam warning email you received, identifying you as a victim or potential victim of an advance fee fraud (419) scam, please take some time to read the information on this site, it is very important that you are made aware of how the scammers operate.

There are many variations on check scams and we have more information in our specific scams section.

The most popular are overpayment for goods, investor scams, and the company agent or representative scam.

Or the scammer may say that a relative is ill and needs urgent medical attention, or that they need help paying for their education.

These play on the good nature of people moved by disasters and the misfortunes of others.

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The victim sends money on, the bank later realises and debits the victim's account, and the victim has then lost the money sent on.

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