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For accomodating utilities

We went out for a corporate meeting over lunch at this establishment and i have a food allergy and requested for the ONLY GLUTEN FREE PASTA on the menu.

Once we received our food i asked the waiter Calvin twice was the pasta Gluten Free he then stated yes it is.

The table had already been completely cleaned and people seated at our table.

We were told by two managers that they would search through the trash to find them. If they had gone through the trash like they said, they would have found the cards….(if they hadn’t been stolen by one of their employees! They also kept stating over & over that they have full trust in all their employees & said that they knew that none of them would steal the money.

In this chain events I would like to ask OLIVE GARDEN what are they going to do to fix this after I spent 1.83?

This lunch consisted of supervisors and general managers for one if the LARGEST FAST FOOD CHAINS IN THE WORLD so I understand the proper procedures when taking care of a customer with food allergies however none of the customer service steps where in places.

I then proceeded to ask to speak with manager on duty and he talked with me and his only concern was if they fixed my order correctly but he also did not apologize nor did he take the correct steps into recovering the customer problem.

They said if our employees find something, they will turn it in by the end of the night. So, the night staff had not locked the doors the night before.

My son & husband stayed there until after closing….still no cards. They were more concerned about me being in their unopened restaurant, than the matter at hand.

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He then SHOUTED from across the table that my food was wrong and it will be out in a few.

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