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That said, I recall reading that the BBC have commissioned a total of 10 Louis Theroux docos between now and 2010.

The first 2 were America's Most Hated Family and Gambling In Las Vegas.

I always think of the Aussie bodybuilder in LA he hangs out with, one of the few characters who seems to really 'get' Louis in his series'.as well as 2 of his weird weekends "thai brides" and "swingers"there is just something about the way this guy presents his docos that really draws me in. * Porn - He is sent into a room with magazines to have his picture taken "with wood", in order to market himself as a potential porn star!* South Africa - He is given the city of Johannesburg by a radical Boer leader LT - "What about Johannesburg, that's in the land you are claiming as yours" Terre Blanche - "YOU can have it! * Survivalists - Something about this one give LT a more passionate bond with his subjects.Louis's shows draw me in from start to finish every time.I just wish Louis would probe his interviewees a bit deeper sometimes (no pun intended, ok maybe a little bit intended) but overall his shows allow an insight into people you'd never meet - or would probably ever want to.

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i saw the most hated family one the other week and i love this guys method. My favourite Weird Weekends episodes are the following (in no particular order):* Wrestling - "The Sarge" trains him until he is physically sick as payback for hinting that the results of american wrestling bouts may be predetermined!

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