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You may see more than two if you reloaded the page several times and Apache allocated different processes to handle the PHP script.

By default, persistent connections stay open until the Apache process terminates.

For PHP, Apache runs in a multi-process mode, spawning child processes each of which can handle one PHP script.

Depending how Apache allocated these processes to handle the "ab" requests, you may see a varying number of rows in .

It is useful for short lived scripts such as typically used by web applications.

It allows the number of connections to be scaled as web site usage grows.

A common task when developing Web applications is to query a database and display the results in a Web browser.

There are a number of functions you can use to query an Oracle database, but the basics of querying are always the same: is passed to the query.

Visit Stack Exchange This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings.It allows multiple Apache processes on multiple machines to share a small pool of database server processes. Scripts not doing any database work still hold onto a connection until the connection is closed and the server is terminated. Scripts can use database servers from a pool of servers and return them when no longer needed.Without DRCP, a non-persistent PHP connection must start and terminate a server process, and a persistent PHP connection keeps hold of database resources even when PHP is idle. Batch scripts doing long running jobs should generally use non-pooled connections.This tutorial helps you get started with PHP and Oracle Database by showing how to build a web application and by giving techniques for using PHP with Oracle.If you are new to PHP, review the Appendix: PHP Primer to gain an understanding of the PHP language.

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But the non-pooled script causes every single Apache process to open a separate connection to the database.