Excel not updating dating service including email addresses

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Excel not updating

Given the security structure within our server network we are unable to shorten the file path.

I'm Stepping thru this code in a Access 2007 VBA Standard module.. AND IT HAS NOT CHANGED FROM the time it was saved days ago -- I checked the Properties (from Excel) on the WB, yet it says Modiied = the moment I ran the code.. In that case, Access copies the exported data to the next available new worksheet in the workbook.

However it's a standard macro using built in Excel functions.

Are you using a Form Control button on a sheet with a macro assigned to it?

If that is the case, try replacing the Button (Form control) with a Command Button (Active X control) and add the sub below to the correct sheet.Hi, I have some users who are using windows 7 and ms office standard. but whenever they update the same excel file, they are not able to see each other's updates of the same file.I tried created a note pad file, updated the file at two different times and every one is able to see the changes, so for now I know it is not the issue with the shared drive, but something to do with excel.I was also told that only one person can update an excel file from a shared drive at a time, so I tried that, but still they can't see each other's updates.var microsoft = microsoft excel not updating-40excel not updating-74excel not updating-68

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