Eunjung and jang woo dating

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Eunjung and jang woo dating

I believe many people around the world know jang woo through eunjung! she is so adorable, gullible, very innocent, and to top it all Eun Jung has this great honest personality her face tells all, which I like very much and I adore her for it.

Whoaa.should thank WGM..anyway, i love the couple I think Lee Jang Woo is a good actor.. On the other hand Lee Jang Woo is also adorable, capable, reliable, confident and to add to that he is a goodlooking young man; however I find him he can be very possessive at times.. Well, duh WGM is a reality show afterall, and to make it real they have to play it real.

While still a musician, he got lots of exposure on television, showing up on many shows and reality competition programs.

The Korean idol has plans to further his acting career although he has to juggle it with his other engagements of dancing and singing with the pop group 2PM.

He was born on April 30, 1989 in Busan, South Korea and has an older sister.

Wooyoung is perhaps the most notable for his role in the boy band 2PM, which is managed by JYP Entertainment.

Jang Wooyoung, known only as Wooyoung is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actor.

My honest opinion is u have that x factor that can make u super success. First watch you in Bel Ami as David,u captivated me since u first appeared to the end.. I watched him in "smile again" and didn't like his role in it. He's acted in different roles, he's succeeded in delivering those caracters as if he had split personalities. I'll always recommend his dramas or movies in the future. Last but not least, don't you think that his airface somehow similiar with Lee-Min Ho (the only another korean movies that I watched)? I was thinking that you'd follow up Bel-Ami with another wonderful the problem, why are casting directors, directors sleeping on your talent?????

I looking forward to see more of ur dramas or variety shows or movie or song. I have a girl friend who looks almost the same as you hehe but she's not a kdrama lover/addict.. Most of the dramas he's starred in reached high ratings. But once I see him act on tv during holiday, my heart was just turn to him. I don't know whether it is because of the character that he had to play or others. I like him more than the protagonist actor (in Bel Ami).


) I'm curious about the Chairman and all of the children he's fathered and how he came to be married to the evil witch..writers have not filled the viewers in on this..the chairman had all of these secret children to begin with and why he seems like such a poor excuse for a father....

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I can see that you can't stand him and vis versa which is so funny to me because IU's character couldn't be anymore clueless. as a professional worker like a manager or ceo, or perhaps as a chaebol, as an extension to your established young and dynamic image.

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