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Western Newfoundland stretches 750 kilometres from Channel-Port aux Basques on the southwest corner, to the Viking site of L'Anse aux Meadows at the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula.

With ancient mountains, fjords, icebergs, whales, thousands of miles of coastline, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the International Appalachian Trail, this wild and rugged region sports abundant breathing room and diverse natural heritage.

Dashed lines give locations of Appalachian Front (AF) and Grenville Front (GF), which divide the continental regions into three major geological provinces. J., 1994, Early Mesozoic magmatism on the eastern Canadian margin: petrogenetic and tectonic significance: in Eastern North America Mesozoic Magmatism, Puffer, J.

It is the purpose of this brief paper to summarize some of these findings.

With the highest vertical drop of any ski area in Atlantic Canada, you'll soar down 250 acres and 39 trails catering to all skill levels and preferences: beginners, intermediates, and self-proclaimed mogul masters.

New offshore exploration activity is now focussing on these deep water basins. E., 1997, Stratigraphic record of the early Mesozoic breakup of Pangea in the Laurasia- Gondwana rift system: Ann.

Exploration activity to find and exploit these resources, primarily from seismic profiles and boreholes of the past 30 years, has resulted in the present production of oil off Newfoundland and gas off Nova Scotia.

Exploration activities of both commercial and scientific pursuits have also yielded a wealth of basic information that has greatly improved our understanding of the fundamental processes of lithospheric extension and continental rifting that have formed these margins and their hydrocarbon resources. Map of Eastern Canada with locations of Nova Scotian, Newfoundland and Labrador continental margin segments.

These episodes of rifting thinned and heated the continental crust and lithosphere, which then subsided to form a complex set of marginal basins.

Large amounts of sediment have since accumulated in these basins and formed sources and traps for hydrocarbon deposits.

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